Spring in D.C.! Please Plan to Attend the ASDWA Member Meeting

We encourage all ASDWA members and their staffs to join us for the ASDWA Member Meeting on March 10-12, 2014 in Washington, D.C.   This will be a co-located meeting of ASDWA, the Association of Clean Water Agencies (ACWA), the Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC), and EPA.   We plan to convene four joint sessions (two on March 10th and two on March 11th) as well as have plenty of time for drinking water-specific topics.  A bird’s eye view of the meeting is as follows:

Monday (3/10/14)

Early a.m.:    Joint Session #1 (Nutrients)

Late a.m.:     Joint Session #2 (Water Quantity/Extreme Weather)

Early p.m.:    Drinking Water Rule Development

Late p.m.:     Drinking Water Data Management

Tuesday (3/11/14)

Early a.m.:    Joint Session #3 (CWA/SDWA Collaboration)

Late a.m.:     Joint Session #4 (SRFs/ULOs)

Early p.m.:    Drinking Water Rule Implementation

Late p.m.:     Small Water System Capacity Development

Wednesday (3/12/14)

Early a.m.:    Drinking Water Security

Late a.m.:     Partners Panel; State Resource Needs

The registration page on ASDWA’s web site (www.asdwa.org) is up and running.  Just go to the horizontal tool bar and click on “Conferences.”  There’s also a link to the hotel (Washington Marriott) registration page.  We look forward to seeing you in March.