Recordings of Legionella Sampling Webinars Available

Information about sampling protocols and analytical methods for Legionella was covered in two recent webinars conducted by Phigenics, a consulting firm specializing in building water quality issues including Legionella control. The recordings of these webinars are now available for those states who want more information about Legionella issues. These webinars discussed the following:

  • Should your sample for Legionella testing be taken immediately after opening a fixture or valve, or after you flush the line?
  • Should you rely exclusively on the ISO 11731 test method?
  • What about PCR or other molecular marker test methods?
  • What about a time zero test method, where Legionella bacteria is cultured immediately after sampling?
  • What about other waterborne pathogens such as Pseudomonas, Stenotrophomonas, Acinetobacter, Elizabethkingia, Mycobacterium, Alcaligenes and Aspergillus: should you test for them?

Please visit the Smart Water Management Website to access these webinars.