ASDWA Testifies on Harmful Algal Blooms Before House Committee

On February 5th, Mike Baker, the Ohio drinking water administrator, testified on behalf of ASDWA before the House Environment & the Economy Subcommittee (of the House Energy & Commerce Committee) on H.R. 212, the “Drinking Water Protection Act.”  The bill would charge U.S. EPA with developing an overall strategic plan for address harmful algal blooms.  It would also direct the Agency to publish a list of cyanotoxins of concern; develop health advisories for certain cyanotoxins; and issue guidance on effective treatment technologies for algal toxins.  ASDWA is generally supportive of the bill’s approach and believes the steps called for are appropriate and needed.  Indeed, many of them are already underway.  ASDWA’s testimony is attached, as are H.R. 212 and a press release from the Subcommittee summarizing the hearing.  After the hearing, the bill was approved by the subcommittee and now moves on to the full committee.  Some Congressional prognosticators believe the bill has a good chance of ultimately being approved by both chambers and sent to the President for signature.
Attachment — Baker Testimony on HR 212 (2-5-15)
Attachment — HR 212 (Congressman Latta)
Attachment — Press Release of House Energy & Commerce Committee