Compliance Monitoring Data Portal Update

This week, EPA held a series of three webinars to provide preliminary information on the Compliance Monitoring Data Portal (CMDP) to the SDWIS user community and representatives of public water systems and laboratory organizations.  The CMDP is a cloud- based tool for electronic reporting of compliance monitoring data that is being developed concurrently with SDWIS Prime (the SDWIS/State replacement).  The CMDP, when completed, will provide three means for submitting data to primacy agencies — direct upload of a data file using web services (such as an XML file generated by a laboratory’s LIMS); populating a downloaded template and submitting; or directly filling out web-based forms.  Laboratories and water systems would be able to use the CMDP to submit results from laboratory analysis and also operational data like Monthly Operating Reports (MORs).
The purpose of the webinars was to review the requirements for the Portal as illustrated by screen mock ups and process flow charts.   The webinars covered such CMDP components as system administration (management of users and access); the lab or PWS profile (key data on each entity pulled from the state data system); use of templates and web forms to submit data; validation of data before submittal; and compliance with CROMERR.  After comments are received based on information covered in the webinars, the actual programming will begin, using the same sprint process being followed for SDWIS Prime.  Initial testing for the users should begin in about a year with expected deployment later in 2016.  Each state will then need to decide if they will use the CMDP to facilitate electronic reporting and, if so, when to adopt or transition to this tool.