EPA Releases Exchange Network Grants ULO Lists for January 2015

If you are considering applying for a new Exchange Network (EN) Grant and you have existing EN grants with unspent funding, this message is for you.
EPA has released the January 2015 update on grantees with excessive Unliquidated Obligations (unspent grant balances or “ULOs”) for their Exchange Network grants.  In FY 2015, applications submitted by a grant recipient with excessive ULOs of prior Exchange Network grants will automatically lose 10 points unless the delay in project schedule is on the part of EPA.  For more information on excessive ULOs, please see page 33 of the FY 2015 Solicitation Notice.  This report is the final determination of whether previously awarded Exchange Network grants meet the excessive ULO threshold.
The updated ULO lists and the FY 2015 Solicitation Notice are available at http://www.epa.gov/exchangenetwork/grants/.