WWEMA Water Challenge

The Water and Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association (WWEMA) has just launched their WWEMA Water Challenge to raise awareness about the value of water and the need for adequate funding for water and wastewater infrastructure.  The Challenge is intended to be a fun way to demonstrate the many ways people rely on ready access to water in their daily lives, and how much they take that access for granted. Specifically, WWEMA is challenging local, state, and federal officials as well as community leaders and other concerned citizens to “turn off their taps,” whether literally or figuratively, and share their experiences on social media.   The Challenge website offers complete details as well as suggestions on additional steps individuals can take, including an online petition calling for increased awareness and support for water and wastewater funding.
WWEMA invites you to take the challenge: Turn off your tap and post your experiences on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media using the #NoWater hashtag, and challenge your friends, coworkers, and elected officials to do the same!  As part of the campaign, WWEMA is sending the attached flyer to every member of Congress, educating them on the critical need for funding and asking them to participate in the Challenge. The Challenge will run through Water Week, April 12-18.
Attachment — WWEMA Water Challenge Flyer