Ryan v Ryan Could be the New House Normal

In an interesting post-election development, House Democrats may decide that it’s time for Nancy Pelosi to step down from her Minority Leader position.  Concerns have been raised that Pelosi, in the top slot since 2002 (including a stint as House Speaker 2007-11), has not been able to move the marker from Republican to Democrat in the House for the past three election cycles.  One official contender for her post is Ohio Democrat, Tim Ryan.  If Tim Ryan should win the Minority Leader position, he would frequently find himself engaging in discussions with another Ryan – House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI).
In announcing his candidacy, Ryan called for change, noting that the recent election has resulted in the smallest number of seated Democrats in the House since 1929.  Ryan has been in the House since 2002 and sits on the House Appropriations and Budget Committees.  The election for House Minority Leader is scheduled for November 30.  Ryan v Ryan?  Maybe.