Conclusion of SDWIS Prime v0.8 Testing

SDWIS Prime Community,

With the very productive SDWIS Prime v0.8 testing and feedback to date, after consulting with community leaders regarding the recent issues and delay in processing the 2016 samples data in SDWIS Prime at EPA’s National Computing Center (NCC), we are ending formal community testing of SDWIS Prime v0.8 at the end of next week – with the option for testers to submit testing results now (without testing RTCR data) or at the end of next week (with testing RTCR data).

While the SDWIS Prime Team has been very productively engaged with the NCC on resolving issues, given the highly valuable SDWIS Prime v0.8 feedback received to date, we do not want to risk further frustration and loss of community time with respect to the potential for any additional data processing issues that may occur if we were to proceed with further testing over the next two and a half weeks. Our team will move forward with the NCC on additional load testing exercises to ensure high performance levels.

We greatly appreciate all the work the user community has put into testing. The feedback from the community, particularly with regard to BRE processing of GWR, LCR, and RTCR, has been and continues to be extremely beneficial. The SDWIS Prime Team is capturing this feedback in the backlog list for prioritization.

Please look for follow on communications from the team regarding instructions for concluding SDWIS Prime v0.8 testing (including any testing of the 2016 data and RTCR now that the data was loaded successfully over the weekend). Additionally, as part of the All Things SDWIS Call this Thursday, February 22, our team will lead close out discussion on SDWIS Prime v0.8 testing.  The 2017 data load will not be executed and remaining SDWIS Prime v0.8 testing webinars will be cancelled.

On behalf of the SDWIS Prime Team, I thank you all for your time in performing SDWIS Prime v0.8 testing; your feedback has provided tremendous value for the future of SDWIS Prime.

Michael Plastino

Infrastructure Branch Chief