EPA Announces PFAS National Leadership Summit

On Monday, March 19th, EPA announced a PFAS National Leadership Summit on May 22-23 in Washington, D.C. EPA sent letters to every governor announcing this summit. ASDWA has been invited to participate but EPA has asked each organization to designate 1-2 people to attend. More details on this Summit can be found in EPA’s press release.

Many complicated issues on PFAS health effects, analytical methods, occurrence, treatment, and risk communication have become increasingly important over the past couple of years for many of ASDWA’s members. ASDWA established a PFAS webpage earlier this year and also wrote a letter to EPA and CDC on January 12th detailing several recommendations. This Summit could provide an opportunity to develop the unified Federal voice that ASDWSA recommended in its letter. ASDWA plans on participating in this Summit and will keep its members informed of its results.