New Drinking Water Funds in FY 18 Omnibus

Just before 1:00 this morning, the Senate joined the House in passing the Consolidated Appropriations Act for 2018 (Omnibus funding).  The bill is awaiting the President’s signature later today.

For state drinking water programs, the outcome is generally positive with additional funds provided for the DWSRF and several lead in drinking water grant programs.  The following are identified funding figures for relevant EPA programs.  You may read the latest version of the measure (see pp. 788-808 and 864-866) here.  EPA funding is found in Division G, Title II (Environmental Protection Agency) and Title IV (General Provisions).

$8,058,488,000 Overall Agency Funding                              

From Title II, the following program funds are appropriated:

$706,473,000 Science & Technology
$2,597,999,000 Environmental Programs & Management
$3,562,161,000 State & Tribal Assistance Grants – including:
PWSS  $101,963,000
  DWSRF  $863,233,000*
  WIFIA  $10,000,000*
  CWSRF  $1,393,887,000*

*These programs receive additional new funding under Title IV (below).

From Title IV, the following additional funds (many authorized under the 2014 WIIN) Act are made available:

+$300,000,000 DWSRF additional funding
+$300,000,000 CWSRF additional funding
+$20,000,000 Small & disadvantaged communities grants
+$20,000,000 Lead testing in schools & child care grants
+$10,000,000 Reducing lead in drinking water grants
 +$56,000,000 WIFIA additional funding