Senate Democrats Introduce Electronic Accounting and Reporting Act

On July 10, eleven Democratic Senators introduced the “Contaminant and Lead Electronic Accounting and Reporting Requirements (CLEARR) Act.  The measure amends SDWA §1459A (Grant Assistance for Small and Disadvantaged Communities) to “…update and modernize the reporting requirements for contaminants, including lead, in drinking water…”

Senator Edward Markey (D-MA), one of the principal sponsors, has identified five principal purposes for the legislation:

  • Increase authorized funding for small and disadvantaged communities
  • Expedite water quality testing (including in-home testing on request), create an electronic database for publicly accessible testing results; and educate the public regarding potential effects of drinking water contaminants and the assistance that EPA can provide.
  • Provide compliance advice and technical assistance to states and public water systems
  • Require electronic reporting of water system compliance data
  • Require state primacy agencies to notify EPA, CDC, and state/county health agencies when a violation has the potential for serious adverse human health effects.

The as yet unnumbered bill authorizes $230 million in FY 19 for small and disadvantaged communities support and $300 million annually for FYs 20-22.  These funds are to support the WIIN-mandated assistance to underserved communities to improve their ability to meet SDWA requirements.  The original WIIN authorization was $60 million through FY 21.  This new bill substantially increases that figure.  Congress appropriated $20 million for this grant program in FY 18.

Although not yet available on, you may download a copy of the legislation from Senator Markey’s webpage HERE.