American Academy of Pediatrics Shares New Fluoride Resource

Many water systems add fluoride to their water as a means of improving the dental health of their customers.  Local utilities and states both need to be knowledgeable about fluoride issues to better serve the public.  The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has new resources that will help answer questions related to fluoridation.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) promotes the preventive benefits of community water fluoridation (CWF) because dental disease is the most common chronic disease of childhood.  The Campaign for Dental Health, a program of the AAP, has launched a Web page for water operators and water facility personnel.

The page is organized into four sections, each with links to additional information:

  • Community Water Fluoridation is Effective & Safe highlights the facts behind the public health benefits of CWF.
  • About Fluoride & Fluoridation points to resources on the regulation of water safety and standards for fluoride additives.
  • Fluoride & Health touches on health topics that are commonly raised for clarification.
  • Specific Topics You May Encounter addresses frequently asked questions on cost, the environment, and other interesting topics.

Please share this information with colleagues and partners in the drinking water industry.