SDWIS Prime Exploration – How to Create an Account

Hi SDWIS Community!

Thank you for your interest in SDWIS Prime. Getting access to the SDWIS Prime (test) site is currently is multi-step process. Please follow these instructions:


Step 1: Create a CDX Test account or modify an existing CDX Test account:

  • If you do not have a CDX Test account:
    • Create a CDX Test account (visit  and click on “Register with CDX” to complete the steps for creating a CDX Test account
      • You will be asked to select a “Program Service”, select: “SDWISPA: SDWIS Primacy Agency”
  • If you have an existing CDX TEST account:
    • Confirm that your CDX Test account is associated with the Program Service: “SDWISPA: SDWIS Primacy Agency”
      • If it is not, add this Program Service to your CDX Test account. Click on the “Add Program Service” button from the “MyCDX” page


Step 2: Create a SDWIS Prime user support ticket:

Please provide the following in the description of your request:

  • Environment: (if you want access to the SDWIS Prime Test site, the environment is “Pre-Production”)
  • CDX Test User ID: (what is your CDX Test User ID?)
  • Primacy Agency or Region: (Tell us what Primacy Agency or Region your account should be associated to)
    • If you are a support contractor, please ask your Primacy Agency contact to make this request on your behalf. We will only process requests submitted by Primacy Agencies or Direct Implementors.


Step 3: We will notify you when your account is ready to use, and ask you to confirm access. You should be able to use your CDX Test account credentials to log-in to the SDWIS Prime (test) site:!/login


Please give us 24-48 hours to process these requests. The default role you will be given is “System Administration”, this role will give you access to all available modules in SDWIS Prime (Test).


SDWIS Prime Team