ASDWA Completes Webinar Series on DBP Optimization

ASDWA has just completed a four part webinar series on controlling Disinfection By Products (DBPs) through optimization of treatment and distribution system operation.  The recordings for all the webinars in the series are available now on ASDWA’s  webinar recordings web page.  The presentation slides are also included with the recordings.  These webinars contain valuable tools for both states and water systems trying to lower DBPs.

Violations of Disinfection By Products requirements are a significant percentage of health based drinking water violations nationally.  ASDWA believes that the Area Wide Optimization Program (AWOP) operated by EPA in cooperation with ASDWA in over 25 states offers positive solutions for water systems trying to reduce DBPs.  We worked with EPA’s Technical Support Center for them to share their expertise and the experience of the participating AWOP states with all states to equip them to combat DBP problems in water systems.  The webinars cover overall approaches to controlling DBPs and specific strategies that can be used in  treatment plants and distribution systems.  EPA trainers were joined by AWOP participants in Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

For more information on drinking water optimization and the Area Wide Optimization Program, see ASDWA’s AWOP web page and EPA’s optimization web page.