SDWIS Prime Update from the SDWIS Team at EPA

Due to complications with meeting EPA’s security scanning requirements, we have been notified that access to SDWIS Prime will be shutdown effective immediately. During this time, you will not be able to access SDWIS Prime for further exploration.

Until we are able to resolve this, the SDWIS Prime team will not approve any new user requests for SDWIS Prime. We will notify everyone when access to SDWIS Prime is restored. Currently, we do not have an estimated timeframe for restoration.

Access to the Compliance Monitoring Data Portal (CMDP) is not affected. We are currently deploying and testing CY19 Release 2 updates for CMDP. All users of CMDP (labs and states) will continue to have full access, in both the pre-production and production environments.  We will notify CMDP users when Release 2 updates are available, we expect to complete this deployment in 2 weeks.  

The SDWIS Prime Team

Note: this communication was also sent via email to the SDWIS community on 7/19/19.