EPA Releases 2018 DWSRF Annual Report & New Factsheet

Last week, EPA announced the release of the 2018 DWSRF Annual Report, highlighting the program’s 2018 accomplishments and establishing major focus areas for the DWSRF’s third decade of operation. The report also features an American Iron and Steel (AIS) Addendum. A few highlights from the report:

    • In 2018, states provided more than $2.8 billion in new DWSRF infrastructure loans, the most assistance ever provided outside of ARRA.
    • States also funded $181 million for critical activities including operator certification, water system capacity development, and source water protection.
    •  In many states, nearly all counties had DWSRF-funded projects over the past decade.

EPA also released a fact sheet and case study document detailing how communities may use the DWSRF to address disinfection byproducts. The Stage 2 Disinfection Byproducts Rule (DBPR) has the largest number of systems in violation (approximately 30% of all systems in violation), and the DWSRF’s below-market rate infrastructure financing and technical assistance from the set-asides can be critical tools for communities to meet the DBPR and protect public health.