CIFA Releases 2020 S.A.F.E. Water Infrastructure Action Plan

On Wednesday, 4/22, the Council of Infrastructure Financing Authorities (CIFA) released its 2020 S.A.F.E. Water Infrastructure Action Plan to advocate for stimulus funding and increased flexibility for the State Revolving Loan Funds (SRFs) to help the nation rebound from the economic damage caused by coronavirus (COVID 19). The Action Plan provides specific recommendations to Save, Accelerate, Fill & Expedite (S.A.F.E.) projects in the SRF Project Pipeline.

Each SRF developed their S.A.F.E. Project Pipeline based on their unique needs and how they would likely use additional funding and flexibility to:

  • Save projects that are slated for funding but at risk of deferring or dropping out of the pipeline (current Intended Use Plans/Project Priority Lists)
  • Accelerate funding of projects in pipeline but not currently slated for funding this year (future Intended Use Plans/Project Priority Lists)
  • Fill the SRF pipeline with new projects (“known” projects that are not yet on an Intended Use Plans/Project Priority Lists),
  • Expedite projects that are advancing to construction (at the end of the current pipeline), or
  • A combination of the above actions.