Register Now for the 2020 Data Management Users Conference!

Registration is open for the 2020 Data Management Users Conference (DMUC). The main conference broadcasts, scheduled for September 14 and 15, will explore a more expansive view of drinking water data and its value in the larger mosaic of environmental and public health information – providing a backdrop to our discussions around SDWIS modernization.

Download the DMUC and Training Agendas

Main DMUC Agenda
Main sessions are scheduled for 90-minute blocks in the morning and afternoon. Please register for all sessions you wish to attend.

Welcome and Opening Session
Monday, September 14 at 11 AM ET

    • The E-Enterprise Digital Strategy – Vaughn Noga, Chief Information Officer, EPA
    • SDWIS Modernization: a State CIO’s Perspective – Stephen Forrest, Chief Information Officer, MT DEQ
    • State Drinking Water Data Quality Awards

The Internet of Water
Monday, September 14 at 2:30 PM ET

The Internet of Water is a project established at Duke University in 2018, premised on the idea that efforts to improve water management outcomes in the United States routinely stumble on the problem of inaccessible water data and information. The IoW envisions a world engaged in sustainable water resources management and stewardship enabled by open, shared, and integrated water data and information. The IoW’s mission is to build a voluntary network of communities and institutions to achieve that vision.  The IoW project is also conducting novel research and development on water data informatics, building prototype software and tools to discover, access and use diverse water data from diverse sources. The IoW is designed to mobilize cultural and behavioral change across individuals, agencies, and institutions, to bring about the necessary technological change that will transform water data and information and thus enable better water management outcomes.


      • Peter Colohan, Executive Director, Internet of Water
      • Kyle Onda, Data Architect, Internet of Water
      • Ashley Ward, Senior Policy Associate for Outreach and Engagement, Internet of Water

E-Enterprise, EECIP and the Digital Strategy
Tuesday, September 15 at 11 AM ET

An introduction to E-Enterprise for the Environment, the E-Enterprise for the Community Information Platform (EECIP), and how the pillars of the Digital Strategy can support SDWIS Modernization. This session will further explore the benefits of strategic partnering between drinking water data managers and department IT managers.


      • Kurt Rakouskas, Executive Project Manager, ECOS
      • Damon Guterman, MA DEP
      • Victoria Philips, Director, Enterprise Information Office, MA DEP

SDWIS Modernization
Tuesday, September 15 at 2:30 PM ET

A project update and overview of the SDWIS Modernization Board’s work in selecting a development path for SDWIS.


      • Michael Plastino, EPA
      • Tina Chen, EPA
      • Renee Morris, EPA
      • Deric Teasley, EPA
      • Justin Wright, EPA

SDWIS and CMDP Training

For SDWIS State and CMDP users, or anyone with an interest in learning more about either, we’ve scheduled two full-days dedicated to each application. The SDWIS State training will take place on September 16, and the CMDP focus is scheduled for September 23.


Join us on Wednesday, September 16 for a comprehensive SDWIS State Training. Given that we’re all working from home and looking to brush up on our skills, the course was designed to provide training content for users of all levels. The course will start with SDWIS State Basics and will be most appropriate for those who are new to or just learning how to use SDWIS. The second half of the training will move into more technical material, targeted for more advanced users. Regardless of your skill level, we encourage everyone interested in learning more about SDWIS State to participate in this free course. In the interests of delivering the most content we could in the time we have allocated, we decided not to break the training into multiple sessions. Instead the course will be offered as a single session with short breaks scheduled throughout the agenda. We’re recording the event, so if participants need to step away for any reason, they can catch up later.

Join us on Wednesday, September 23 for a series of sessions focused on CMDP. Additional information and a complete agenda will be released soon.

States-only Discussion
On Friday, September 18 at 2:30PM ET ASDWA will host a session for states to discuss data management priorities for the coming year. This session is intended for ASDWA members and their staff.

State Data Management Priorities for 2021
Friday, September 18 at 2:30 PM ET

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Questions? Contact Anthony DeRosa of ASDWA.