EPA’s LCRR Review is Now at OMB

On Tuesday, 11/9/21, EPA sent the Agency’s final action on the delay in the effective dates and compliances dates for the Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR) to the Office of Management and Budget for final review. For context, in the 3/12/21 Federal Register, EPA proposed delaying the LCRR effective date to December 16, 2021 and the compliance date to September 16. 2024, due to the Agency’s ongoing regulatory review. Through the spring and summer, EPA conducted an extensive series of virtual engagements to solicit additional input on potential LCRR revisions. EPA finalized the shift in effective and compliance dates in the 6/16/21 Federal Register. The Agency compiled the input from these engagements and has made its decisions on how to proceed with the LCRR, i.e., is the LCRR going to become effective as is, or are some revisions going to be proposed, or other regulatory actions taken? EPA is anticipated to publish the Agency’s LCRR decisions from its regulatory review and potential next steps by the December 16th deadline.