November 15 ASDWA Cold Weather Issues Webinar with Alaska and the Dakotas

Winter is coming. Don’t forget to register for ASDWA’s webinar on “Cold Weather Drinking Water Issues,” being held on Monday, November 15, from 3:00 – 4:30 pm (eastern time), with presentations from three states. State and territorial drinking water program representatives are encouraged to attend, and the webinar is open to anyone else who would like to join us.

Webinar Presentations:

  • Mark Mayer, the Drinking Water Administrator for the South Dakota Dept of Agriculture and Natural Resources will present, “Cold as Ice.” This presentation will highlight typical cold weather operational issues and challenges and share a case study about a surface water treatment plant failure and water outage.
  • Greg Wavra, the Drinking Water Administrator for the North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality will present, “Emergency Management in Freezing Conditions.” This presentation will discuss emergency management and response to cold and ice impacts on drinking water pipes and treatment and share a contamination case study from a temporary housing community.
  • Cindy Christian, the Drinking Water Administrator for the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation will present, “And Now It’s Really Cold – Operations in the Arctic and Sub-Arctic.” This presentation will cover the unique challenges that Alaska water systems face due to extreme temperatures and the engineering and operating practices that allow the water to keep flowing.

Register for the webinar here.