Water Utility Climate Alliance Reports on Adaptation and Resilience

The Water Utility Climate Alliance (WUCA) has developed two reports to help water utilities with climate adaptation and resilience. WUCA is comprised of 12 utility members from across the US that are dedicated to enhancing climate change research and improving water management decision-making to ensure that water utilities will be positioned to respond to climate change and protect our water supplies.

  • The new WUCA “Leading Practices in Climate Adaptation,” report provides a collection of leading practices and examples for water utilities to engage, understand, plan, implement, and sustain successful climate change adaptation efforts. The practices are drawn from WUCA work products and member experiences. The report also highlights valuable lessons, is intended to broadly promote collaborative learning, and is applicable for water utilities of any size, as well as other sectors. View the report here.
  • The report, “It’s Hot, and Getting Hotter: Implications of Extreme Heat on Water Utility Staff and Infrastructure, and Ideas for Adapting,” was released jointly with the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies. This report summarizes key findings from a study of five water utilities across the US that evaluated the effect of future air temperature and extreme heat conditions on the health and safety of outdoor personnel and infrastructure, and provides recommendations for adaptation and mitigation strategies to address the heat impacts. View the report here.

For more information and to view other reports, visit the WUCA website.